A Cocktail for Fall – The Kentucky Moose

A classic drink with a maple twist

As Autumn has comfortably settled in for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, I think it’s the proper time to share a recipe that I devised at work, because of one of the more unique ingredients I’ve used personally, maple syrup. Long story short, at Prosperworks we name releases after foods, and when possible, we make cocktails to celebrate them.

This was my contribution, the Kentucky Moose. So named for its roots in the Kentucky Mule, and well, I know there are a lot of moose in Canada.


Sidenote: I feel the need to say that while maple syrup can be appreciated year round, there’s something about cooling weather (or at least the idea of cooling weather here in California) that makes reaching for that opaque plastic jug of maple syrup that much more appealing.

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Cocktail Hour: Steve Beets Adversity – Making the Most of Malört

A Cook and a Geek’s Custom Cocktail, featuring Malört

Steve Beets Adversity

Consider this post a sign of good faith that I’m doing my best to not let this blog lay fallow too long!

Since the posting of my second custom cocktail which was inspired by a Facebook Post of my friend Meagan, the Bacon Van Schmidt, a certain mutual friend of ours has been perhaps a tiny bit jealous and definitely nudging me to make a cocktail after him.

That friend, is Steve.

Cook Geek Steve Beets Adversity 5013

Given that Steve is from Chicago and gave me my first taste of Malört (a distilled beverage I believe to be associated with hazing new people in Chicago), I decided the right thing to do was make a cocktail involving that rather challenging liquor. While plying his fiancée for ideas, she suggested that I make the use of beets, since even though she thought beets were icky, Steve might like them. With that, I resolved to make a cocktail involving Malört and make my own beet shrub, and hope for the best.

And I resolved to make it a triumph of beet over evil Malört, so that I could call the cocktail the Steve Beets Adversity. Steve, because Steve. Beets, because beet shrub. And adversity? It’s pretty clear what the adversity was here.

Also because puns.

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Habanero Infused Vodka for The Molotov Mule

A “hot” new take on a classic cocktail

Sometimes you experiment in cooking, and the results are not so good. Other times, you experiment, and you make something fantastic. This is one of those latter examples.

For roughly a year now, I’ve been absolutely in love with the Moscow Mule. I discovered it in the Bartender manga and was entranced by the idea of ginger beer, having been used to ginger ale, which I do quite enjoy. The idea of an even more potent ginger beverage being used in a cocktail was quite appealing.

When I saw it on the menu at a classic bar, I had to order it immediately. I was quite impressed, and made it my drink of choice to make at home. But then I thought, what can I do to really make it my own?

I decided to bring the heat, and replaced the “plain” vodka with habanero infused vodka. With the spiciness of the ginger beer and the slow burn of the peppered up vodka, I dubbed it the Molotov Mule.

So are you sold yet? Well you’ll need some habanero vodka, so let’s get to that part first.

There are various suggested manners to infusing spirits with peppers. Some people simply prick the skin of the peppers with toothpicks before submerging them whole in the booze. Others remove the seeds and halve them, others go full barrel and cut up the peppers and leave the seeds in.

By the way, this is Crystal Head Vodka, in case that wasn’t obvious enough. Super thanks to my friend Mike for gifting it to me. 750 mils of vodka is in there. For this application, one habanero pepper.

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