Geekonomic Stimulus Portland Edition: Day 3-Lots of Lattes, Shopping in Sellwood, and Eats in the Northeast (of Portland)

Cellar Door, Sellwood, Portland Bottle Shop, Sock Dreams, 24th and Meatballs, and Pie Spot

Alright, making time for another installment of Geekonomic Stimulus, this time day three of my trip to Portland. Here’s day one and day two.

So after waking up from the splendid foldout couch in the basement, after tooling around a bit at Tristan’s house, I had the pleasure of joining her and her husband for a trip to get some coffee at Cellar Door.

I can say this with complete honesty, this was the best latte I had ever had in my life. I would not say I’m exactly a connoisseur of lattes, or even a frequent drinker of one, but I’ve had my share, and this one stands out on top.

It is now the latte that I have and will judge all future lattes against.

Coffee #5 by the way.


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Geekonomic Stimulus Portland Edition: Day 2– Less alliteration this time.

Breakfast, Bridges, Ducks, Beer, BPAL, Board Games, & Wild Ice Cream Combinations.

Hey folks, another post continuing my Geekonomic Stimulus tour of the Pacific Northwest.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at the Willamette River. I have to say I was truly lucky to have so many sunny days on my trip there. I suppose it could get a bit gloomy most of the year but still, all that water has to make up for it.

Cook Geek Portland Review 001


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Geekonomic Stimulus Portland Edition: Day 1– Breakfast, Bridges, Books and Branch

Sunday in Portland: Cameo Café, Bunk Bar, Downtown Portland, Powell’s Books, Dixie Tavern, Branch bar

If Diane Sawyer is to be believed, supporting our country by buying American things is a great way to improve the economy. While buying “Made in America” is not always practical for the average American, I figured going on a “Geekonomic Stimulus” road trip to visit some of the cities on the West Coast might be a fun way to take a well deserved vacation and inject some money into some local economies.

Let’s not worry about the gas money being distributed in large share overseas, I was on vacation here.

The picture below sets the tone of my trip pretty accurately. Portland was a great city, and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Nathanael Cole, online friend who I have now met in the “meatspace” and also the creator of Motobushido, among other games. It was great to have such a talented and creative guy as my first tour guide to the city of Portland!

Cook Geek Portland Review 000


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Animals of the Pacific Northwest

Cats, Dogs, and Ducks

But mostly Cats

Greetings again readers, back again. Work has been pretty busy, to the point where I could actually justify a vacation to lower the stress levels and re center myself. I took myself on a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, with a large stop in Portland and a brief visit in Seattle.

I’ve obtained loads of material for reviews of the places I’ve visited and the food I’ve eaten, and it’s a bit of a daunting task. So instead I present to you a bestiary of the savage beasts I encountered in my travels northwards.


I would be remiss if I did not share the local savage, by name of Fran, who has been lulled into tameness by the provision of warm laps and chin scratches.

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