At Least Two Fifths Whole Wheat French Bread

Yeah, it has been forever. A few weeks ago I finally finished my six weeks of intensity.

Who knew that taking night classes four nights a week, doing long term substituting, and lesson planning would take so much out of you? Hubris. Oh yeah, I was sick the last week of subbing as well.

I came out of it pretty well, and I’ve been catching up on things. Cooking hasn’t been exactly high on the priority list sad to say, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Actually I’ve been cooking, just nothing really new, and thus, not really worth blogging. I’ve been sticking to old reliables, like pizza.  Well, not entirely true, I’ve made some orange syrup since my dad purchased a sodastream, and I’ve roasted some tofu.. ok, I’ve just been too busy to blog.

So, to get back to old reliables, I’ve made some bread again, just sticking to some of things I’ve picked up from Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio, and replacing some of the flour with whole wheat. And it actually worked!

At least 2/5ths of the flour used was white whole wheat flour. So that’s why I’m calling this “At Least Two Fifths Whole Wheat French Bread.” If someone has a better name I’m listening.  Some people would actually just call this whole wheat French bread since there’s whole wheat in it, but I’m all about honesty here. Honestly and really long names.

Actually it may almost be one half whole wheat French bread, as you’ll see.

two fifths whole wheat bread Cook and Geek Recipe 002

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