Pickled Red Beet Eggs: Made with Fresh Beets!

Wherein A Cook & A Geek Dresses Up an Egg for Halloween

Beet Egg Recipe Cook Geek 028

Or beeting off your huevos in time for the holidays


So I guess this is a thinly veiled attempt at making some food seasonal given the upcoming spooky holiday. Because shortcuts and multi purposing are beautiful things.

It’s actually a bit of a coincidence really. Dad came back and brought home some beautiful fresh beets because he wanted to have some of these naturally dyed beauties after seeing some in the Amish country on his most recent excursion. I’ve actually seen these before but I’ve never realized they were a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition before my dad told me he saw these there.

The more you know I guess!

Beet Egg Recipe Cook Geek 000

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5 Tips for a Geeky Dining Event


I recently posted on Machine Age Productions some advice on how to throw an event involving food and gaming without getting in over your head.

The five tips are as follows:

  1. Know your limits

  2. Prep as much as possible

  3. Know how to delegate simple activities

  4. Have a schedule

  5. Avoid experimentation

For exactly what that means, head over to Machine Age Productions and take a look!


Turkey Stock and a Comforting Bowl of Chicken Vegetable Soup

Because geeks need comfort food too.

Turkey Stock Chicken Soup Recipe Cook Geek 001

There are few things I find more comforting than a good hearty, homemade chicken soup. Be it during a cold snowy day (yes I’ve woken up to those, but not in the Bay Area) in the middle of a childhood cold, or simply because I’ve wanted something hot, warm, and savory, chicken soup has been the epitome of comfort food.

Followed closely by rice congee. But that’s another post.

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First Cookbook Published–Farewell to Foie Gras!

Farewell to Foie Gras: Selected Logs in a Traveler’s Discoveries of Food and Drink across Arduise, available for $4 on DriveThruRPG!


Before you think I’m an anti Foie Gras person, no I’m not.

I’ll leave it at that for now.

It is actually more of a joke title that does indeed reference the California Foie Gras ban, and because it neatly parallels the title of the Machine Age RPG it accompanies, Farewell to Fear. Which is awesome, as several Kickstarter backers will agree.


I’ve put a lot of work into this but I can’t take all the credit of course.

Farewell to Foie Gras is a collaborative work with my editor Renee (this cannot be overstated), the artist Max Brooks, and of course the support and inspiration from David and Filamena, who made all of this happen.

So please check it out folks!

Big Bad Con Recap!

Big Bad Con was lots of fun, full of geekiness and gaming.

So I went to my first roleplaying convention ever. No, Blizzcon does not count. While I’ve role-played before and play a lot of tabletop games, I’ve yet to actually go to one of these, not for lack of desire but simply not having the right place and the right time.

Big Bad Con managed to satisfy both those requirements, and so I went for it!

Organized by Sean Nittner, flanked by his staunch allies Kristin Hayworth and Eric Fattig, put together one hell of an event, and I was never left wanting. For me, Big Bad Con was a great introduction to the world of roleplaying cons, and I’m definitely down for more.

Now for the greater details and highlights for those curious for a look into the world of the roleplaying con.

I stumbled into the con late Friday afternoon and witnessed a game of Quirkle in action. I got the general idea, and would have loved giving it a try, but there was an offer I could not refuse…

bigbadweekend 005

…A game of Fiasco with the creator himself, Jason Morningstar of Bully Pulpit Games!

It truly was a Fiasco of a game, involving cults, a dissolving marriage, a bumpkin hero and everyone ending up a little worse off at the least, which was entertainment for the players! Mission success!

bigbadweekend 007

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Going to Big Bad Con this Weekend!

A weekend of gaming with awesome geeks

Hey folks! Welcome back to A Cook & A Geek.

This weekend I’ll be satisfying my appetite for geeky things by attending the local gaming convention Big Bad Con.

Great folks in the gaming industry will be there running events for veterans and newcomers alike, including Apocalypse World, Mistborn, Wushu and more.

Organized by the very competent Sean Nittner, I’m looking forward to a great weekend.

If you’re in the California Bay Area you might want to come check it out!

Those who are already going, looking forward to seeing you there!